Friday, February 25, 2011

Jeans and a many things can I make out of them without sewing?

I used this to audition for One Month to Win it!!

Ok, so everybody at work knows I LOVE to repurpose old clothing.  So one friend gave me a pair of ripped jeans (ripped in the not patchable unless you want to look ridiculous) and another gave me a sweater she had lost interest in.  So, I looked at my MESSY craft area and decided I needed to make some containers to store things in/organize without breaking the bank.  So here is what I have come up with so far.

Jean leg button container:

pair of jeans
glue gun/glue sticks
marking chalk/pencil
fabric scraps/ribbon

Step One: Fit the leg of the pants over the coffee can and measure the length of the can.  Cut the leg off where you marked, make sure you have allowed some room for a "seam allowance" so you can tuck under the raw edges.

Step Two: Fit the can inside the leg, with the bottom of the leg at the bottom of the can.  Tuck under the raw edge and hot glue it into place.

Step Three:

Hot glue the ribbon of your choice over the top edge.

Take your scraps of fabric, and using a circle and cut out three circles of fabric.  This fabric flower will be used to decorate the container.

Step Five: Cut six slits 2/3 in and around the exterior of the circle, leaving it attached in the center!

Step Six: Round off each of the petals individually.

Step Seven, stagger and stack your three flower pieces, placing your "favorite" on top.  In between each stack put a dab of hot glue, and pinch the flower inward to give it a little dimension.

Step Eight: Glue a button or two to the center, and glue the flower to the container, I chose to center it on the seam.

Step Nine: I am using this to store buttons, and now that I have added all of this extra fabric, etc...there is no way the lid will fit back on.  So, I had to improvise.  I started by cutting one of the back pockets off of the jeans.  Sorry I was cutting with one hand and photographing with the other...dangerous I know, but it ended up blurry as a result...

Step Ten:  I used a snap, but you could use a tab/loop or any closure you would like.  to keep it no-sew I hot glued the male end to the can and the female end to the tip of the pocket.

Step Eleven: Snap it on, and then stretch the pocket over the top of the can.  Hot glue the edges to the back.  I did each corner first, then gathered the slack in the center and voila! Lid is on.


Step Twelve: Turn it right side up...fill it...and snap it!

I know, it's sideways, and I tried to flip it...but computer not cooperating!

My buttons are happy now;)

Work of Art #2: Jeans and Sweater Storage Box

So, for my second project, I decided to utilize a good, sturdy shoebox I had.  I used a lightweight sweater, hot glue, a button, and the rest of the jeans...well not ALL of it!

Step One: Cut the Backside of the jeans off, make sure the piece is at least large enough to cover the top of the lid.  It would be even better if it covered the edges too...but mine didn't.  

Step Two: Set that piece aside, and cut along the seam to open up the leg (this is only if you don't have enough butt to cover the will see what I am doing;)

 Cut two long strips--they need to be twice the width of the box lid edge.  I used the seams as finished edges, look below to see what I mean.  Then hot glue the edges to the lid of the box.

Step Three:  Continue hot  gluing each piece around the entire box.  Then glue the top edge so that it sticks, and overlap the lid and glue it down so that it is going to be covered when you add the "butt" to the top.

see how I am gluing it to the TOP of the box too?  I want it to overlap in the end.

Step Four: After you have the edges covered, it's time to put the top position it on top and you are going to tuck under the raw edges and hot glue them in place.

Step Five: Prepare the sweater to line the box.  Cut off the sleeves and cut along one seam to make a flat sheet of fabric.

Step Six: Hot glue the edges of the sweater into the inside edge of the box.  It won't be perfect...well mine wasn't.  Just as long as it covers the edge...I really stretched and pulled the fabric to get a snug fit.  

Step Seven: Take the rest of the fabric and cut it so the edges are straight.  Then I just laid it inside the box and hot glued the edges to the top, as neatly as I could to make a liner.

Step Eight: I had to make a flower, so I cut a strip of sweater leftovers about 2" wide.  

Step Nine: Using hot glue, glue and gather the bottom edge.  Work the fabric into a simple flower.

I added a button center and glued the whole thing on near the pocket.

TA DAH!  It's not perfect, but it's definitely going to be a cute organizational tool for my sewing stuff!!

And...this pair of jeans and sweater have more coming from them...Maybe tomorrow after we visit the Great-Nana;)

And I I am going to deliver.  Here is the plethora of storage containers I made.  The base objects are 3 coffee cans, 2 shoe boxes, an oatmeal container, and one thread container.


  1. I like the box. so cute.


  2. Thanks Megan! Just getting started...with the blogging part anyways. Your site is awesome!

  3. VEry creative... thanks for sharing.

  4. what a great way to use what you have and to get more organized!!!!!

  5. Thank you all for your comments!!

  6. Awesome idea! I love to repurpose! Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI!

  7. Thank you Angie! You guys have your work cut out...already a lot of hopefuls!

  8. Great use of your old jeans and all those containers! Very creative :)
    Stopping by from : OMTWI Auditions
    ~Rachel from

  9. I can't wait for your next post!!