Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Vintage Fabric...Nana Destashed!

One of the best things about being a hoarder (not the extreme kind), is that I had to get the trait from somebody...and that somebody is my Nana. I went to visit her today for the first time since my Grampy passed away about a month ago. I have called her several times to check in, but unfortunately I
A) live an hour away
B) have a full-time job
C) had two sick kids and a sick husband for two of those weeks.

So, today was the big Nana-visit. I brought the boys and the dog, and of course Tony. While Tony and Dillon went out to the music store to buy some parts for Nana's organ; she dragged me upstairs to her fabric stash. Ashton watched the dog who watched the cat who was watching the dog...see photo below:

Holy cow! She has yards and yards of fabric that she had "big plans for" that never went through. Here are just a few things I scored:

1 1/8 yd of this lovely red wool. When I was about six (24 years ago), Nana purchased this fabric with the pure intent of making me a "Little Red Riding Hood" Cape. Today she resignedly handed it over to me, so I could do something with it for myself, as an adult. It is VERY tempting to make myself a cape, since there is that new movie coming out and all....Hmmm...but are there TOO many moth holes in it?? (Just a couple little ones).

She has a thing for PINK. She does look very lovely in pink, so I think it is definitely her favorite color. My Grampy loved her so much he even tolerated pink walls in his bedroom, and at one point in time the bathroom was pink too. So I have several pinks and of course the major score of unbleached muslin. Can NEVER have too much unbleached muslin.

Calico, calico, calico. Some of these prints are literally from when my mom was a young girl...Nana made her a dress and then would save the scraps. So, I am thinking some sort of a patchwork quilt. It would be my very I am thinking a sampler.

MY FAB FIND OF THE DAY: This lovely piece of "choo-choo" created by Laura Jean Allen in 1953! I need to make myself something special out of this one, my Nana was very fond of it and didn't quite want to part with it...but also had no idea what she would ever do with it.

And lastly, some tapestry, etc. I can make handbags that she planned on making, but never got around to. I can't wait to get some of these fabrics into projects and post them...but I need to put the brakes on my mind so I can slow it down to a functional speed...And I do have homework due by Tuesday, so I might have to do that first.

So, at the end of the day (well, about three hours later), we were all tuckered out and headed on home.  I had a huge stack of new fabric to play with...and the kids and dog were exhausted!

Ashton and Brewer...the really scary pit bull.  GRRRR.  Isn't he scary?

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  1. The fabrics are really cool, and i LOVE the pics :)