Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mosaic for audition

So, I have been waiting about six months to audition for SYTYC.  The below project is my failed attempt at making it in the top ten.  I am upset, since it makes me feel like a failure, but OH WELL.  I guess it's one less thing to worry about doing, and I tried.  And I didn't do what some other people did...like bloggers with hundreds or thousands of followers that put their kids names, pictures, and even made a list with family members on it.  So what if somebody made a tripod into a lamp?  I made a DRUM into a lamp!  I will live, move on, and maybe contact the other three LOSERS to join me in our own, different competition:)

So, I tried to create many different "audition pieces" for SYTYC. Not that they weren't good, but I just didn't feel they were good ENOUGH. So, I was reading Chica and Jo's post that had an invitation printed on a paint chip....and BOOM I had an epiphany. I love doing mosaic, but tiles are super expensive, grout is super messy, and I have done it with smashed plates but even those take up space to collect. So I decided to use paint chips. They are free, plentiful at your local Walmart or hardware store, and they are...FREE

I started off by priming the laminate and then painting over it with a blue acrylic.  Then I used a clean rag to wipe it off and give it a nice faux-finished ragged look.
Then I stole acquired a billion different paint chips, (by the way, walmart has GIANT paint chips) and using mod podge and a design I pulled out of my head....achieved this look.  You can also gently sketch the design and fill it in as you go.  Work in small areas at a time, and let the mod podge get a little tacky before you start filling in with the paint chips.

To stay organized, I had cut the chips up and put them in a divided tackle box container by color, and this made working super fast and easy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Memory Quilts

So, my friend Jen asked me if I could make a quilt out of her kids' baby blankets. I figured, hey, why not? So, I worked out a design, since she likes the cupcakes and ice cream cones, I went with that...but added layer cakes since she is a cake designer.

As usual I started off by measuring and cutting squares, then I used all of the scraps to create the applique and borders. Keep in mind, I used ONLY the materials given to me by Jen, with the exception of some fusible web and thread...and this is what we have come up with as a result. No more wondering how to keep your kids blankets or even their baby clothes that are hard to part with:

Hope you like...and hope you decide that you can put those blankies to good use! Would be great to pass down for generations!

Guest Post: A Burp Cloth Makeover

In June, I received an email from Udeni Rosario, who told me that she had seen my burp cloth tutorial and decided to give it a shot. And she made them even better!! She used left over receiving blanket fabric and added a self-binding border with mitered corners. I am so very honored that somebody used my very simple idea and made it so beautiful!

So, thank you to Udeni Rosario for sharing her amazing creations with us! I know I've been absent lately, but I have definitely been crafting! I have several projects up and coming...especially since I have been working on my audition project for So you think you're crafty! Please make sure you go and vote. I will let you know when they are up. Vote for your fave! (hopefully it will be mine) :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Under the Sea themed quilt

Well, my cousin Nate and his lovely wife Jo are having a baby...gender yet to be determined. I'm THRILLED they are waiting and it's going to be a surprise, but gift-giving in a gender-neutral fashion is definitely challenging!

So, I started off by checking out their Babies R Us registry. Urm...green? ecru? Not really what I imagined they'd be going for.

So I emailed both Jo and her sister, and the consensus was "bright, primary colors that could work for either a boy or girl."

Ok, so what do I do with that one?? I immediately thought circus. I sketched some lions and some seals balancing balls on their noses. It just wasn't working for me. Then I thought...Chatham, MA? Sailboats?? OOH. So I sketched two different sailboats. Then I thought about how I can't do anything "normal." It needed more than sailboats...how about fish?? Then I remembered Mr. Octopus from Tyler's animal quilt. I adore seahorses, so I threw in one of those...and a jelly. I was thrilled with how it looked on paper, but I had no fabric. Or did I? I remembered my mother in law had given me some blue flannel and striped flannel. Plus I had a ton of scraps. So I measured and cut squares, then I used the navy blue remnant I had picked up last week. Then I started cutting out applique pieces, and voila!! I had a quilt top. I don't do anything in a forward fashion. I took pictures of the squares after I had a tentative layout, and went from there.

I had it all planned out, but then I got to Joann fabrics and the one in Walpole had NO good flannel!! Oh my, what do I do?? Then suddenly this interesting circle-pattern caught my eye, add some bright yellow, red and aqua and I had my selection.

So final product was stunning, if I do say so myself. I was so happy with what I had come up with, and the parents-to-be seemed really happy with my soft, fuzzy, one-of-a-kind creation.

Front of Quilt:


Want to buy the pattern? Contact me and we can work out a deal:)
Want to buy a similar quilt, contact me via email.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I didn't make the cut!

So, I was in on one month to win it and thought my nice, original idea would make the cut. It didn't. I followed all the rules and wouldn't tell ANYBODY which project to vote for. I guess I should've made the first thing I wanted to...a purse. Because that's what won. Also, I had a terrible time editing the photos. Oh well, so here is my project. I think it's very nice. Apparently it wasn't well liked in the voters' or judges' minds.



So, there it is! My mirror. Anybody want to buy it?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


So, I FINALLY MADE IT!! Yes, I will be a contestant on One Month to Win it. You can see this fabulous competition at http://onemonthtowinit.blogspot.com

Go vote for your favorite there!! Also, I WON a prize from familylicious again! Thank you Debra:)

You should go check out www.familylicious.com I have won a red toolbox sample kit and a silhouette sd rhinestone bundle.

AMAZING!! Right now you can go and try win a petcakes, dinosaur train, eggo waffles, goddess garden product pack, a swaddle duo, and whole bunches more! It is super easy, just takes time. I usually enter when I'm lying in bed, or if we are out running errands.