Monday, May 16, 2011

Cute tote to cute purse, and another quilt!

My friend Diana (who is a self-proclaimed non-crafty person) asked if I could put a toggle or something on her little tote bag to make it a summer purse.

So, I went to Joann Fabrics with 40% off coupon in hand...but I didn't need it. The toggles were on clearance for fifty cents each.

Then, I made my own piping to have something to loop the toggle through. I used bias tape (on hand) and clothesline (courtesy of my mother in law earlier that day).

I simply pinned the bias tape around the cord:

Then I stitched as close to the cord as possible

I sewed a loop of piping on back, then after three attempts finally attached the toggle. It's off kilter to begin with, so I couldn't get it Tony had to help me. I used a piece of seam binding to go through the holes, then sewed them onto the center of the front. Voila! Cute little pursey thing.

And now for my quilt.

I just want to mention that the flannel heart fabric and denim with hearts were hideous huge pieces my Nana gave my mom who said "take them" because she didn't like I made a quilt for ME!!

I started out by measuring and deciding that I could get the "most" out of the fabric by making 12.5" squares
And then I added my applique's and sewed the squares together.

Note I added double-scoop ice cream cones, and since the quilt is for me (and not a baby) button "cherries" on the cupcakes.

I had initially thought I would have enough flannel or denim for the border...but I didn't.  Then I remembered the big bag of fabric my friend Karen had brought me.  I had remembered seeing a large white piece in there...but when I pulled it out it was actually the bottom of a couch slipcover.  So, I adapted.  I ripped out the corner seams

I cut it into 8" strips and ended up with two pieces that were perfect for the sides at 60".  Then I found that two were perfect for the top, after the sides are added.  So I sewed on the sides first, then added the top.

Here is the quilt before washing (un-frayed)

Then I clipped and washed are some pics including close-ups of the squares:

So, there's my latest creations!!

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