Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I WON!!! And three rag quilts:)

Well, first off and most importantly, I WON!! What did I win? I won a Silhouette SD. It is the tool I have wanted for so very very long!!! I am so excited, ecstatic, and beyond words. I entered to win on about 6 different blogs. My favorite part of the entry process was finding some amazing blogs. I won at "Familylicious Reviews and Giveaways." You can see that I won here:

Seriously, check out there are constant giveaways!

How I found out:

My husband emailed me at work: "Shannon-I think you won the silhouette thingy"

Next Email: "I really think you won!"

Next Email: "CALL ME"

So, I called him, and it was true, I REALLY WON!!

So, my craft mojo is back. I had lost it for a bit, hence my absence from the blogosphere, but now it is back in full force! Thank you Debra, from familylicious. You have pulled me out of my funk. Thank you Silhouette for this amazing gift.

I should receive it in 4-6 weeks. It is the rhinestone bundle, so I think my nieces will be sparkly very soon, since I don't think my sons will appreciate the glitteryness:)

So, here's what I have made, and this is my own creation, no pattern, made almost entirely from scratch. Also, please note: this is without a silhouette.

First, I was in NY at my mom's and she had a bunch of leftover squares from various rag quilts. So, I decided to make a rag quilt, but I wanted to incorporate applique. So, this is not only my first rag quilt, but also my first real applique experience.

So I started with a couple of owl squares, and this was my original plan. After rearranging a zillion times I resignedly decided I needed to make more applique squares.

So after a lot of rearranging random pieces that is what I came up with. Owls, snake, snail, octopus with a mere four arms, umm...oh a whale and a turtle.

So, I don't have any pics after washing, but here is the front and back before clipping:

oopsie, forgot about the monkey:)

And after clipping:

So, then I wanted to make one for my cousin's baby.  This one is a girl!  So, I wanted to do cupcakes, but then I had an epic cream cones!!  So, I had this huge piece of pink flannel my Nana had given me in her big de-stashing.  I brought a little piece of that to Joann fabrics and decided on some pink and green prints, and bought 1/3 of a yard of each for only $2.99 a yard!  So, this quilt cost about $5 (and six hours) to make:)

First I measured the fabric and settled on 11 inch squares, since that was the biggest I could get out of what I had purchased, and I laid it out (can you tell I make quilts backwards--plan after I cut:) ?

Then on a piece of paper, I drew the tops of ice cream and cupcakes, and the cones and cupcake holders.

Then I cut out a bunch of them, and tried different color combos until I settled on this:

So, using fusible interfacing I ironed them into place, and then stitched around the edges, leaving a raw edge for fraying.  I cut 9 pink 11" squares for the back (the back is all pink), I sewed it all together, and for the border I cut 8" strips of pink to make a 4" border.

I LOVE it. 

Then I wanted to make one for my friend's newborn baby (born Monday) so I decided to do ice cream and popsicles, and I cut out his name and put it in the center:

So, what do you think of my first three rag quilts??

And once again, I will try to audition for OMTWI, however, the competition is steep and I didn't upload my DSLR pics to the blog they aren't the best quality shots, but that's ok. You never know unless you try. I mean look...I WON A SILHOUETTE SD!



  1. Oh my word I am in LOVE with your quilts I seriously love all of them the owls are way to cute I have a thing for owls right now and the cute little girl one is just precious I know my daughter would go crazy for it. You are so talented. I am so glad your creative spark is back. I will come back to see what else you create!

  2. Thank you Debra!! They were my first ones, but now I think I'm addicted to quilting. I can't wait to see what I can do with the Silhouette, since these were all hand-drawn. I'm SO excited and grateful. I'm glad to be back to crafting:)

  3. I absolutely love these!!!!! :)

  4. Maybe if you are a good girl we can make one for you Lauren;)

  5. Define good.... :D that would be awesome!

  6. Great quilts! Love the Popsicles. :-)