Monday, November 24, 2014

Olaf Lightbulb Ornament

I make a different ornament each year as my "Annual Ornament." I use my annual ornament as gifts for friends and family, as well as my children. Each year of my childrens' lives I have made them at least one special ornament. This year, I decided to make Olaf, since Frozen is big this year! 

-light bulbs (old style, I have been collecting used light bulbs for a long time)
-white acrylic paint
-orange acrylic paint
-light blue acrylic paint
-black paint pen, fine tip
-brown pipe cleaners
-hot glue and glue gun
-an old box and a utility knife (to make a drying stand)

Step one: carefully wash all light bulbs. If they are dusty the paint will not adhere properly.

Step two: After all bulbs are completely dry, paint them white. Use a light coat of paint and then after it has completely dried carefully add a second coat. If you are impatient and do not wait long enough--the paint will peel off

Step three: draw two circles for the eyes (see photo). The eyes should be touching, and the right eye should be slightly smaller. Add pupils and fill them in.

Step four: draw a curve for the first part of his nose. Add a bump at the end, and then another curve for the bottom (see photos)

Step five: starting at the upper right side of the light bulb, draw a curve to create the side of Olaf's face. This line continues in to create his mouth. 

Step six: add the large tooth, and create a dark background for his mouth.

Step seven: draw the left side of his face, which curves under to create his chin. 

Step eight: draw a curve for his left cheek.

Allow black paint outline to dry, and then fill in Olaf's nose. Also paint the back of the lightbulb blue. 

For finishing touches: wrap the top with a brown pipe cleaner about halfway, leaving th remaining pipe cleaner sticking up. Repeat with two other sections of pipe cleaner. You should end up with the three stems poking up from the top.  Trim the pipe cleaners and use the scraps to embellish the stems.

Then, use two small pieces of pipe cleaner as Olaf's eyebrows. 

I hot glued a loop of pipe cleaner to the top so that I could hang Olaf from the tree! 

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