Friday, March 4, 2011

Candy Box with Circusy Flair

I know, two posts today!! Well, it is a weekend, right? No work responsibilities so I craft therefore I am happy!

Ever wonder what to do with those Valentine's heart boxes?  Well, two of my girls at school, bought me a little box of chocolates for Valentine's day.  I looked at it and saw something that could be remade! Into this:

 Step One: Use a craft knife to cut out the interior.

 Step Two: Choose your paper.  Or fabric would be great too!  I chose a nice circus scrapbook paper I bought for 19 cents on sale at Michaels.

 Step Three: Press the paper to the top of the lid, flip it over and cut it out  (paper facing down).  When you flip it upright it will look like this:

 Step Four: Now trace the size of the inside, to make a liner.  I did this by flipping the base upside down on the back of the paper, and tracing the smaller inside ring.

 Step Five: Cut it out with scissors and paint it with glue.  Press it inside the box.
 Step Six: Now trace the outside of the base.

 Step Seven: Cut the base tracing out and paint the base with glue.  Press the paper on.

 Step Eight: I added some Glossy Accents to the edges of the ears, the tutu, and the stool.

 VOILA! Cute upcycled storage box...My specialty:)


  1. Duh Lauren, it is so easy! You know I would teach you how to make anything! Good luck at playlets tomorrow!

  2. What a clever idea! I think we still have a couple laying around here. I think my girls would love to help me make this. They would make great little jewelry holders :)

  3. Thanks Trisha! I'm constantly gathering things and envisioning them as something else...this was a case of it was sitting in my classroom and I was cleaning, and saw it as a new container for something!

  4. :) i want to learn how to make something, im just not sure what....and the playoffs, lets not talk about it :/