Saturday, March 5, 2011

Springtime Candle Holders

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Also, since due to "union" rules....or should the "rules" be in quotes? I can't sell these at the Volleyball Tournament. So if you want one...hit me up on!

I am preparing for the Kathleen M. "Kitty" Bedrosian Scholarship Volleyball Tournament.  I DO NOT play volleyball.  The closest thing to a sport I have done in my lifetime was spring track, where I flung the shotput, and winter cheerleading.

So, my friend Linda had a great idea.  She sells Tastefully Simple, the other Linda sells "Cake Bombs,"  and I sell stuff.  So we  are going to have a mini sale, and give a percentage of our proceeds to the scholarship fund!!

So here is my first product: Cutesy Spring Candleholders

Step One: Paint a small, or whatever size you want, terracotta pot with the acrylic of your choice. It will take at least two coats.

Step Two:  I did THREE different techniques, so I will show you the stenciling technique first.
Choose a stencil, and a brush.  SET UP a palette with the colors of paint you will need.  This makes life easier.

You can tape the stencil in place, but I like to live on the edge...and I tend to rip paint off when I tape.  So I held it.

Paint stencil accordingly.  After design has dried, apply some Mod Podge to the inside and outside for a nice, shiny finish.

Here are my three finished stenciled ones.  They have a votive candle inside, too bad you can't see them--the colors coordinate nicely!!

Step Three, Part B: Fabric Decoupage--- Find fabric and cut the desired shapes out.

Then, paint the entire outside of the pot with Mod Podge.
Then stick the fabric cutouts to the pot while the Mod Podge is still tacky.  If you don't like the pattern, you can pull them off and start over.

 Then, paint Mod Podge OVER the fabric.  Make sure it soaks through.  I would let it dry and apply a second coat.
Step Three, Part C: Paper Decoupage--Pretty much the same as fabric.  I just have a few tips:
 For thin paper, cut out using an exacto or craft knife.

 Paint the outside, stick it on, then paint over it.

If you use thicker paper, use scissors to cut out the design.  The craft knife will cause raggedy looking edges.

 Then I peeled part of the cardboard off of the backing, to make the hearts thinner and less likely to pop off.
Then I forgot to take an individual pic of the heart one...can you tell it's not my favorite??
If you squint at the below pic, you can see it all the way to the right.  Watch, it will probably be the first one to sell...that's how it always goes!

Voila! Super cute candle holders, just in time for Easter and Mother's Day!
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  1. very cute! So nice of you to give back. Cheers

  2. So cute! Glad I found your blog...I enjoyed it! Have a wonderful week! Best, Vicki

  3. These are super cute, would look lovely in a garden!

  4. They sure are cute, what a fun idea!! Thank you for sharing your great project by linking up to my blog bash K.I.S.S. @ The Tattered Tag. Please remember tomorrow is another fun blog bash, so drop by and link up more of your creativity! :)

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