Monday, March 14, 2011

Decorative Photo Tiles

Well, if you go to CVS, Winkflash, Snapfish, etc, you can have your child's face put on a coaster or a photo tile. Why waste your money when you can make your own? The only things you need are easily found in a crafty home for free, except maybe the tiles. However, I found them in my home or you could ask friends or try

So, you will need the following:

REAL photographs. They can't be printed off of your computer...sorry

Aleene's tacky glue

Mod Podge

Ceramic Tiles (you can also use wood and other surfaces as your background)


Step One: Glue the photos on the tile using a hearty coating of tacky glue. Let it dry for awhile, at least 4 hours. Apply weight if necessary.

Step Two: After glue has dried, apply a coat of mod podge. Allow this to dry completely (once again, we are talking hours). This is what I call an "in between" project. I work on it for a minute, and while it's drying I do something else.

Step Three: Keep applying more coats of Mod Podge and letting it dry. If you want to add texture, do some canvas looking swirls with your brush. After the first coat it will hold the pattern.

OPTIONAL: If you want to reduce tackiness/use as a drink coaster, apply a few coats of clear gloss. I skipped this step because it is winter time, and that stuff smells. P-U! I will probably lacquer them in the warmer months. For now, they can hang out on my shelf!


  1. Very cute & such a great idea!! Love this :)

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