Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Well, I didn't get chosen for "One Month to Win it." I am actually semi-relieved, since after I auditioned I thought, "and when am I going to have time to do this?" However, I would've found time, and I will try again in April. Besides, who can compete with the Tree Bookshelves made by "Girl in Air?"....I mean, really. Check them out and you will see why I didn't make it! Besides, I am a newbie at this whole thing, and Girl in Air won American Crafter! I'm planning on putting one of these up in my house, but I want to find a halved railiroad tie or something to make a rounded trunk...

I need a good idea, for my next two auditions...since in September I have the chance to be a hopeful on "So You think You're Crafty." That, I have better odds at...there will only be 15 of us, rather than 99.

Go to to check out the current competition. Season 7 starts Monday, I'm on for Season 9...sigh...long ways away!

I need an amazing audition piece for that...still brainstorming.

Some of the other cool things I have found on the blogosphere lately:

Christina @ The Tattered Tag

She was my first follower....and makes amazing country-style gifts. I mean, things you would pay top dollar for at that stupid country store in the mall...but her stuff is NOT made in China!

The next project I want to embark on is making curtains for my bathroom. I saw these, made by Corduroy's Closet
AND HAVE TO MAKE THEM!! I am going with a bathroom theme, so they will be a bit different. Can you believe she got voted off of So You Think You're Crafty? I can't, because if she had a chance to submit these...she might have won that week!

Amazing, right?

Personally, I am in a crafting funk. An all-around funk. I am not sure why, but think that I need to get moving on a project to make me feel better!!

Another project idea I have, was inspired by a plethora of sources....but is one of my favorite places for inspiration. Her photography is beautiful. Her projects are impeccable. Here is a wreath made from BOOKS!

So, while I sit here and ponder how much housework I have...I actually must get moving on that!! As soon as I get my own tutorial up, I will let y'all know...but for now MUST CLEAN HOUSE

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