Monday, March 7, 2011


Me and my doggy, by my husband Tony.
One of my other favorite hobbies is taking photos, with my Nikon D3100. I love to take interesting, weird pics, as well as pics of my kids, friends' kids, and the doggy. Since I am taking two classes this week and teaching all day, plus teaching night school...blogging will have to take a back I thought I would simply share some photos from the week:
here is a low-light photo of scrabble tiles and sawdust that I took after drilling them and making a mess
closeup of Eva, looking at the TV...
closeup of Christian...with spaghetti face....

Here is a nice pic of my dog, courtesy of my husband

Well, that's all for now...thought I would just share my love of photos, they are the memories that capture those special, still moments!

Here are more, since I've started "Say no to Auto" ;)


  1. Love It!!! I really need a new camera!! I think the ine of you and brewer should be your computer background at school! And i absolutely love the one oof the scrabble tiles!! :) you are a genius(no sarcasm for once)

  2. so lovely pics, esp Eva is looking so pretty.. :)

  3. Thank you fakhra! And Lauren, it is already my background pic!!

  4. Oh, im soo smart :) i have to show you some pics i took thos morning, they are wicked cool