Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fish Fry: The easy way!!

Fish Fry: The easy way!

So, I love my husband, and as you can see from his pizza post, he is an amazing cook.  The only thing he hadn't quite mastered prior to tonight was the beer battered fish fry.  However, tonight, he mastered it!!

I admit.  I was nervous when he told me that he was making a fish fry for dinner. Mainly because the last time it turned out to be a gooey, icky mess.  This time, however, it was YUMMY!!

So, he started off by heating a pan of canola oil.  He used a wok, because that is all we had handy.  My friend Marion uses a cast iron frying pan when she deep fries.  Or, you could always use an electric fryer.

Key: get the oil hot.  Cool oil makes the gooey soggy mess.

Nice hot oil.  Test by dropping a little batter in and seeing if it puffs up immediately.

While the oil was heating, he whisked together a bottle of beer (Sam Adams Lager) and the McCormick mix.  I think it is worth it to just buy this pre-made mix.  It was truly delicious, and had a nice puffy and thick crust.

So when you whisk them together, your batter should look like this...except your bowl shouldn't be upside down.  I have a real problem taking pictures with the iphone sometimes....I just don't notice it's upside down sometimes;)  I do know how to put them right side up...I just chose not to in this instance.  Gives the blog some character!

Then, you take your fish: We used a lovely haddock, flash frozen on boat and defrosted.  Haddock is nice and flaky when cooked properly.

cut haddock into manageable pieces, we cut fillets in half

Now, dip the fish in the batter, and put it in the oil.  It only took about five minutes to fry up nice and golden brown.  Flip after a few minutes, and voila! Golden plate of fish fry!

We served it with some seasoned french fries (done in the oven) and some bag salad.  It was literally a 20 minute dinner!!

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