Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dollar Tree Wreath

Look at what I did with a Dollar tree wreath and a few scraps!! (note: i did not use "auto" while taking any of these pics...I am practicing!!)

Step One: Pick your fabric. I chose a pink and a polka dot. I also gathered hot glue, coordinating buttons, and...actually I think that's all.

Then I made some fabric flowers. If you need help with that, see my "Jeans and a Sweater" post. That will give you a step by step. They are no-sew, just hot glue.

Step Two: Tear strips of fabric, the fabric you want to wrap your wreath. I chose pink.

Step Three: Hot glue the fabric to a part of the wreath. Then weave it in and out randomly. If you need to lengthen the strip, hot glue it to the end of the previous strip.

Step Four: Then I made a bow out of the strips of fabric, and a hanger. I hot glued the fabric flowers, the hanger, and the bow. VOILA! Dress up your door for $1 + time + a couple of misfires with a hot glue gun while trying to wrestle fabric out of the mouth of a baby pitbull!


  1. Your springtime candle holder project has been featured on my Sunday Linky Party this week! Can't wait to see what you're sharing this time! (This project is pretty cool too) Check it out here :)

  2. Awesome! Haha "....while trying to wrestle the fabric out of the mouth of a baby pitbul! :)

  3. Beautiful and simple. Perfect!

  4. Thank you Tim and Jen!
    Lauren, if you only had an inkling of a clue as to how difficult Brewer is while crafting...He uses my works of art as chew toys to get my attention!!

  5. Your wreath is simply cute!! We have 2 pit mixes, they are the sweetest dogs, hate the bad press they receive. I just realized you have my button listed as your first follower, how sweet!! So happy you joined last weeks K.I.S.S. blog bash, your creativity is appreciated. Please remember tomorrow is another fun blog bash, drop by & share more inspiring ideas!

    Drop by The Tattered Tag