Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quickie Choker

So, I love fabric flowers because you can make them from any scraps, they are easy, and they are fun to coordinate with any outfits. I was bored a few days ago, and feeling crafty. I decided to make myself a little necklace/choker deal!

First step: Choose your fabric, and cut a two inch wide strip. I made my strip about a yard long, but you can definitely make it as long or short as you'd like...just make sure you can tie it around your neck!!

Step Two: Cut three inch squares from the fabric. I cut more than enough, but used only four.

Step Three: Sew your strip of fabric together, right sides together. Also sew across one end, so you can easily turn it right-side out. After you turn it out, it will look like this:

Step Four:
Cut the squares into circle shapes.

Step Five:
Slit the sides of the circle to make petals, just like I have shown you before:
I did six petals on the bottom three, four on the top.

Step Six: Stack and stagger the circles, and sew them together.

Step Seven: Fold in half and stitch again to give some dimension.

Step Eight: Make sure your petals are shaped, and sew the flower to the "ribbon" you made.

Step Nine: Add a button center, and tie it on. Voila! Would be great to make for bridesmaids out of leftover hem fabric! Would also make a neat wristlet.

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